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Profile Help: for the match that matters

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The research on what makes a great profile is clear. Take advantage of expert help, so you can get to the match that matters.

  • A succinct, high-impact profile review
  • Fresh, personalized prompt responses
  • Detailed analysis of your current profile
  • Or both at a discount

Blueprint for Success

My goal is to help you build a standout dating profile, navigate dating apps, and develop foundational relationship skills along the way—all for the match that matters.
I Bring

I know the research and how to communicate feedback.


You're more likely to stand out when your profile can't be copied.


It's all about the match that matters. No cheap tricks for more matches.


Premium orders get several weeks of phone, video, or text support.

You Develop

You deserve to be seen. You can tell your story with style and sincerity.


Research shows it matters for profiles and relationships.


Dating apps can feel frustrating. The right support brings hope. 


The skills you develop will help you build faith in yourself.

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"This Roger is everything I imagined."
"This stranger gives A+ scratches."

It's the third date — time for Jamie to meet Roger!

The Workshop in Action

The Dating Profile Workshop stands out for an emphasis on the how and why. You can develop skills that translate from your profile into healthy, fun, and meaningful interactions with matches.


Writing Style

While all orders are personalized, check out a few examples that show the writing quality you get from The Dating Profile Workshop.

I'm a big fan of the outdoors and picnics but also nice dinners out. I absolutely love playing the guitar. Also, I'm looking for something that is serious, so let's not waste each other's time. (I want marriage and family -- the whole thing).

You are an awesome human who knows what they want. Let's get punchier and bring positive energy.

I'm in touch with my emotions and love sports.

As a sports fan you've got something in common with 70% of people. The bad news -- that's a lot of competition. Let's make you more noticeable.

Do people even read these? Just ask.

Let's shift to an affirmative and inquisitive tone.

A Personal Note

I'm proud to be the founder of The Dating Profile Workshop, and I look forward to working with you as your profile and dating app guide.


As part of my sociology graduate studies (more on my career here), I explored the research on creating meaning and happiness in life. I understand both scientifically and through personal experience that happiness is built on human connection. I also know the social science behind dating profiles and how they can, if used wisely, build healthy connections.

I am driven to help people navigate online dating in a way that fosters personal growth alongside successfully making the match that matters. Reach out now, so we can discuss where you are on your journey and how we'll get to where you want to be.


Craig Alder



Thanks for reaching out!

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