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5 Controllables

  1. Settings: Distance, age, and more.

  2. Usage habits: App algorithms can reward you if you…

    • Engage daily for short amounts of time

    • Message matches

    • Swipe/like deliberately (no rapid-fire right swipes)

    • Regularly adjust your profile

  3. Expectations: your pool shrinks quickly as you get pickier.

  4. Apps: Limit yourself to two or three apps at a time, trading out apps every few weeks. You can easily max out your pool on a single app.

  5. Payment: paying for boosts or other features can have a significant impact. Be careful not to pay and become so active that you quickly use up your expanded pool.

5 Uncontrollables

We all have deal-breakers, and that’s okay. Start a relationship right by being honest, even if it means some rejection.​

  1. Location: some areas have more active users.

  2. Your physical traits: height, for example, matters for many users.

  3. Your personality traits and identity: enter things like politics and religion.

  4. Algorithm bias: while dating apps don’t reveal all the details, their algorithms have some bias.

  5. App parameters: while you can control which app(s) you use, within an app you are subject to its structures and who it attracts. Explore this reference to determine the apps best for you, but don’t be afraid to switch it up.

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