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One way Tom has a complete profile is by including a friends pic. It implies he has healthy social connections and isn’t self-centered.

1.1 Media Variety

 Include each of the pictures below.

  • A portrait (first or second picture).

  • A full-body picture (first or second).

  • An action shot.

  • A friends/family shot.

  • A hobby shot.

  • One fun selfie (at most).

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Jason's first picture checks all the style boxes, including eye contact with the camera ✓


2.1 Media Quality

 You don’t need professional photos or videos, but follow best practices:

  • Use clear, well-lit shots.

  • Smile.

  • Face the camera directly, showing face and body.

  • No hats, sunglasses, gym pics, or shirtless pics.

  • Don’t be distant or surrounded by a distracting background.

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Swipers will pause on this picture of Terry painting. Sharing a hobby, especially one that is different, can add a sense of vulnerability.


3.1 Vulnerability

Research shows being vulnerable is key to an effective dating profile. You can keep it light (“I’m not ashamed to tear up over an inspirational Olympics story”) or get a bit deeper (“I take pride in being my family’s first college graduate”). Sharing your unique hobbies, especially unusual ones, is another simple way to get vulnerable and can be done through photos/videos.

As a musician, Anya could just say, “Singer,” in her bio. A more effective approach would be to include a picture of her in the recording studio, a description of her favorite place to perform, and an invitation for matches to share their favorite band or artist.


4.1 Show Instead of Tell

Instead of listing adjectives and attributes, show them by disclosing concrete details about your history and interests. Research shows self-disclosure works. It’s also true that similarity breeds attraction, so the more specific you get, the more likely you are to attract your type. “Looking for adventure” offers no proof. “I pick a new dive bar to try out every month” is more authoritative, imaginative, and authentic.

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