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12 Prompt Response Strategies


These strategies facilitate standout prompt responses. If you've ordered Custom Prompt Responses, I reference these strategies in your personalized breakdowns.

Together, we could…
Help the after-school wilderness club at my niece’s school. I’ve gone camping with them once, and it was a trip! Ask me about our pizza night 🤦🏻‍♀️

Research shows self-disclosure works. Share an actual or hypothetical anecdote that makes you feel vulnerable. It could be fun and quirky or give deeper insight into your personality and interests.

1. Share Anecdotes


The way to win me over is…

Plan a road trip to see the best dog parks in the country. Randy (see the chihuahua-ish pup in my pic) wants to co-plan too 🐕

When people imagine a positive future, it can make them kinder, happier, and more motivated. Tap into this by suggesting an open-ended activity to do together.

3. Envision a Shared Future


I’m looking for…

Someone who knows first aid 😬 Ask me about the last time I went wakeboarding. Or played monkey in the middle. Or just how my week’s been.

Share incomplete information. An “information gap” encourages people to learn more.

5. Share a Teaser

Fountain Pen

I’m looking for…

My next mailed letter or postcard with a meaningful, handwritten note 💌 I arrange them in framed collages and hang them up.

Research shows that vulnerable profiles work. You can do this by revealing personal (but appropriate) details or using intimate descriptions and stories (like an anecdote about a secluded hike).

7. Get Personal

Christmas Party

We’ll get along if…

You love hosting small parties. I’m committed to my reputation as a planner of legendary game nights 🎲🃏

Let your excitement show. Whether it's your love for art or cooking, showing enthusiasm is both contagious and attractive.

9. Share Your Passions

Woman Reading a Book

We’ll get along if…

You also love reading 📖 What book changed your life? It was Zadie Smith’s White Teeth for me.

Include a question to kickstart conversation and mutual disclosure. This approach can fast-track a connection.

11. Encourage Engagement


Together, we could…

Start a biographies-only book club 📚 I’m currently reading A Beautiful Mind and it has me all sorts of inspired.

Creativity is attractive. Share something humorous, an anecdote that shows you are creative, or a description of a unique interest or hobby.

2. Display Creativity

Banana Pancakes

Typical Sunday…

Kitchen experimentation always. Last week, I made banana pancakes with just bananas, eggs, and baking powder 🥞

Researchers suggest using concrete information in your profile. A simple approach: use names and describe types. For example, share a type of meal (e.g. banana pancakes) or use your pet’s name.

4. Be Specific

Mountians and Lake

My simple pleasures…

Blasting Swedish pop, stretching with my dog in the morning 🐕, the sound of my 3-month-old niece snoring, crystal clear mountain lakes.

Using detailed sensory language (sound, sight, touch, smell, taste) is an especially powerful way to evoke emotion and imagination.

6. Get Sensory

Star Formation

This year, I really want to…

Learn more about the stars and planets 🌌 I recently got a telescope and have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m excited to figure it out!

Share what you're naturally curious about. Research suggests that people are attracted to others they think of as curious.

8. Demonstrate Curiosity

Cooking Ingredients

The way to win me over is…

With a recipe that's been passed down through your family for generations.

Frame winning you over as a playful quest or challenge. This adds an element of fun and taps into an innate desire for solving puzzles, leading to more engaging conversations.

10. Create a Challenge

Autumn Leaves

I’m looking for…

Someone who pays attention to the leaves changing colors, who notices when a friend needs attention, who finds new things to try every day ✔️

Share a clear desire or perspective on the world, but frame it positively.

12. Highlight Your Values

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